Connect in-store data with digital receipts software

eyos retail connects in-store data to any data platform in the retailer’s digital ecosystem. Enable marketing automation, real-time analytics, post-purchase personalised engagement and much more with our retail software solutions.

Omnichannel Marketing

With open rates of 60% +, extend the conversation with your customers beyond the store by opening up an engaging post-purchase channel.

More than Digital Receipt software

Impress your customers with a post-purchase experience starting with a digital receipt that has elements from all your touchpoints – online, offline, ads and more.

Accurate CRM database

Reap the benefits of a clean, accurate customer database with instant email ID validations from eyos.

Integrated with your tech stack

Connect, analyse, personalise, scale and do much more with our hassle-free retail software solutions. Get, set and wow customers with eyos retail!

Online reviews from offline customers

Our partnership with platforms like Trustpilot enables you to get offline customers to provide online reviews at a click of a button.

NPS score driving customer experience

Continue improving your customer experience by adding your NPS surveys in your communications with your offline customers too.

More with Digital Ads

With third-party data becoming obsolete, rely on customer data collected directly from customers to engage with them and other customers like them. Our partnership with Facebook and Google helps you with that and much more.

More returns from offline visits

With eyos working closely with CRM platforms, you can get more sales from a single in-store visit by re-engaging customers with personalised product recommendations on your digital receipts, dynamic ads and much more!

Our customers have seen


12-month growth of customer database

Live data connection to CRM database

Linking customers to transactions through digital receipts, capturing data consent and establishing a live connection into the CRM platform led to 9-fold growth of customer visibility.

5 to 1

Google Page Rank jump

Live data connection to product review platform

In-store customers left public product reviews through their digital receipts. This led to increased traffic to the retailer’s website, resulting in an improved organic Google Page Rank for relevant keywords.


Increase in in-store event sales

Live data connection to event booking engine

Digital receipts allowed the retailer to send invitations to store events in the name of individual stores. More invitees attended, which led to an increase in event sales.