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New Look links £34Mn to in-store sales through offline conversion tracking.


About New Look

New Look is a leading fashion retailer operating in the clothing and footwear market in the UK and Ireland, with a targeted online presence. Today, New Look operates over 430 stores with the aim to offer products and a shopping experience based on excitement, value and newness. 

Sustainability is at the core of everything the brand does. From focusing on manufacturing products using sustainable fabrics to keeping store operations 100% carbon neutral – New Look continuously sets ambitious targets for itself to be a sustainable brand.



New Look needed to solve two main challenges – boosting customer experience in-store and reducing the dependency on paper receipts. 

Given that 80% of their entire revenue was happening through their stores, New Look believed there was an untapped opportunity to start capturing customer data in their largest sales channel. 

Previously, the brand was identifying 0.5% of customers that purchased in-store, primarily through postcards and other manual data capture methods that were prone to errors. Additionally, there was no way for them to link those customers to their itemised level purchases.



eyos was able to help New Look with both its objectives – identifying its in-store customers and moving to a sustainable, paper-less mode of operations – through an easy-to-roll out, solution – digital receipts. 

New Look can also tag each of its transactions and mode of payment (debit or credit cards) with the respective customers. 

eyos also feeds this data into Emarsys, New Look’s CRM platform, helping the brand build a complete, 360-degree view of its omnichannel customers. 

New Look also found eyos to be the perfect partner for offline conversion tracking. As Meta partners, eyos also links offline, in-store data to New Look’s Facebook and Instagram ads campaign results to ascertain how online ads lead to offline conversions or sales.



Since eyos was rolled out in all of its stores, New Look is able to capture consented customer data and tag each transaction with the respective customer. All the email addresses captured are immediately verified, increasing the accuracy of the data captured by over 95%. This can be used by the brand to further connect and engage with customers, long after they have left the store. 

Since starting its engagement with eyos, the brand has had 84% of its customers who opted for digital receipts, sign up for marketing updates. Being able to collect customer information directly from the customer is a huge plus at a time when third-party data access is becoming limited. 

Thanks to consented, accurate customer database, New Look can now push offline traffic online, and vice versa. Even tracking engagement across channels with a single customer has become a possibility. As a result, they have seen over £34Mn in-store revenue attributed to Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns.

  • 95% higher accuracy of data collected in real-time, in-store.
  • 84% of digital receipts opt-ins signed up for marketing updates.
  • £34 million in-store revenue attributed to digital ad campaigns. 


“Working with partners who understand our passion for sustainable business practices and a stellar customer experience is fantastic. We found this with eyos. With our return customers’ revenue share increasing and engagement with offline customers through digital receipts improving – we are excited to see what more we can unlock with eyos.” 

– Michele Lockwood, Head of Performance Marketing, CRM and Transformation


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