Connect to in-store customers with digital receipt software

Digital receipt solutions keep you connected with your customers.

Personalise every point of contact with your customers using our digital receipt software – even your paperless receipts. Connect your offline and online worlds with digital receipts for a more efficient checkout.

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    Customised digital receipts

    Continue speaking to your customers with the same brand language, even after they have left the store.


    Enhance your NPS and 
feedback surveys

    Use plug-in links at the best positions within your digital receipt to hear back from your customers.


    Be more sustainable with digital receipts

    Digital receipts help you become an eco-friendly brand that is loved by the customers and compatible with sustainability laws.


    Use online reviews

    Use quick review links within the digital receipt to enhance your omnichannel customer journey.


    Offer personalised coupons

    Build loyalty by providing tailored coupons within your digital receipts. Use for return visits, referrals and other positive customer behaviour.


    Drive offline traffic online with digital receipts

    Provide special coupons that can be easily applied online at the click of a button.


    Increase engagement with
 digital receipts

    Foster a closer relationship with your customers by providing more information on how your brand and product can benefit them.


    Promote related products

    Offer personalised recommendations on your digital receipt for up-sells and cross-sells that actually convert into sales.

    Personalising omnichannel customer engagements

    quick setup
    Quick setup

    The service is ready to go on all your stores – no hardware, our digital receipt integration makes this a smooth onboarding process.

    data validation
    Data validation

    Instant validations filter and clean your existing database while new customers are added.

    realtime data
    Real-time data feed

    Always-on syncs and secure digital receipt storage ensures access to updated customer and transaction data 24/7.

    100% bespoke

    Digital receipts customised entirely to your brand and sent via your preferred channel – email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

    smart coupon
    Smart couponing

    Targeted coupons based on rules set by you ensure customers get personalised rewards instantly.

    Strategic partnerships

    As partners of Meta, Google, amongst others, tracking the impact of digital campaigns on offline channels is a reality.


    What are digital receipts?

    Digital receipts are proof of payment issued by merchants, and sent directly to your email or phone. Digital or electronic receipts can also be used to return any purchased items. 

    Digital receipts are considered more efficient as they don’t require the use of paper.

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    Why are digital receipts more convenient?
    Digital receipts are more convenient than paper receipts because they’re sent directly to a phone or email. They’re unlikely to get ripped, be lost or get faded, like paper receipts.
    How are digital receipts environmentally friendly?

    Digital receipts create zero physical waste. As digital receipts are paperless, they contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

    Paper receipts account for gallons of oil and water, and millions of trees being lost every year.

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