Using Digital Receipts to Improve Retail Store Management


Written By: eyos Marketing | Last Updated: October 2022

The retail landscape has dramatically changed in the last ten years. Technology has vastly improved with more emphasis now being placed on improving retail store management. 

As digital receipts now become a top priority for retailers, as 63% of consumers would rather shop with retailers who reduce the need for consumables. 

Retailers are now looking at how digital receipts simultaneously benefit their store managers and customers. With a seamless experience and paperless receipts, customers can easily return their items and stay in touch with the retailer in a much more sustainable way. 

Let’s dive deeper to see how digital receipts can benefit retail store management and the overall retail experience. 

What is retail store management? 

Retail store management is the understanding of retail trends and the ability to sell products and services. Retail store management requires a range of skills such as:

  • Sales
  • Scheduling
  • Controlling inventory
  • Reporting
  • Staff management
  • Resolving conflict
  • Hiring
  • Training 

Supporting and encouraging employees is key to store retail management. It allows managers to their sales targets and take on promotions to increase sales. 

Digital receipts can help employees do just that. With operations being digitalized, it can offer a more efficient way to make sales with customers entering their emails through a tab at the checkout counter. 

Benefits of digital receipts for retail store management

There are many benefits digital receipts can assist with to improve retail store management. 

Confidential and transparent

Digital receipts offer a safe and confidential way of purchasing products. Only the purchaser can view their digital receipt and the information on it. 

Data is collected with consent from the customers directly. Brands are completely transparent about the way they collect and use customer data.

Offer truly contactless payment

Contactless payments have now become the norm. Digital receipts can be seen immediately after purchasing with contactless. 

This will put the customer’s mind at ease, as their proof of purchase will arrive in their email account instantly. 


With the environmental cost of paper receipts rising, converting to digital receipts can not only save the planet but can save retailers a lot of costs. 58% of consumers said they would shop with retailers who are more eco-friendly, reduce paper waste and collect customer data by emailing a copy of their receipt.

Paper receipts can’t be recycled and within a few days are forgotten about, ultimately being thrown away. 

Easier to store

Offering digital receipts can improve the inventory process in any store. As digital receipts can’t be lost, stolen or even torn, they offer many benefits for retailers. 

Digital receipts can be stored in the cloud or under a secure password-protected laptop or phone. 

Offer a seamless omnichannel experience 

Staff shouldn’t feel stressed when making a sale at the checkout, it should be a pain-free experience. Digital receipts can be the bridge between offline and online worlds of any brand. 

This can allow customers to be steered towards a brands social media pages and their website, providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

With digital receipts, they can offer a smooth automated process from one end to the other. 

Are digital receipts useful for customers?

Digital receipts can be incredibly useful for customers, and go a long way to improve the retail experience

There are many reasons why customers like digital receipts, such as:

  • Storage options: Customers will be able to safely store their receipts in a digital format, without the need for physical paper.
  • Faster checkout: Digital receipts offer efficiency, minimising the time customers will have to wait to make their purchase.
  • Expense management: Customers can track their expenses and add their digital receipts to their banking apps.
  • For tax purposes: Digital receipts are now accepted and can be used for tax purposes.
  • Personalised benefits/offers
  • Easier returns.

Are digital receipts effective for store managers?

Alongside the benefits for customers, there are also many benefits of digital receipts for store managers, such as:

  • Drive customer loyalty: customers can receive exclusive benefits by providing their details and consent for marketing communication. 
  • Increased repeat customers: Retailers can create a lasting relationship which can improve offline conversions with customers, encouraging them to re-purchase. 
  • More eco-friendly: Retailers can now save money on paper receipts and reduce their carbon footprint. 
  • Exclusive events: As retailers have customers’ details, they can invite them to exclusive events. 

Our research has told us that our clients have received a 400% increase in in-store event sales with digital receipts. 

Digital receipts have allowed retailers to send invitations to store events in the name of individual stores. As more invitees attended, this led to an increase in event sales.

This is an excellent way of how digital receipts can build long-lasting loyalty with their customers, and how customers can receive exciting benefits.

Get advice on retail store management today

Unlock the power of in-store data with eyos. Our software is used by retailers all over the world, to identify offline conversions using digital receipts. 

Our retail software solutions make it possible to connect 100% of in-store transactions to a platform of your choice. And that means huge amounts of valuable data at your fingertips – ready and waiting to be put to great use in your next marketing campaign. 

If you’d like to find out more about digital receipts and how they work, get in touch with our team. 

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