How to Build Customer Loyalty Online With Digital Receipts


Written By: eyos Marketing | Last Updated: November 2022

Today, it’s never been easier for customers to shop around for what they want and need. So building customer loyalty is vital for retailers if they want to succeed. 

It’s likely that retailers will face competition in many aspects of their brand, especially from those who sell similar products. This is why retailers need to give their customers a reason, or an incentive, to come back for more. 

For retailers to keep their competitive edge, digital receipts should be at the top of their list to enhance post-purchase engagement. 

Let’s dive in to see how to build customer loyalty using digital receipts. 

How to build customer loyalty  

Building customer loyalty is vital for retailers to maintain their customer retention. Retailers need to ensure they are the number one choice, ahead of their competition. 

Transforming first-time customers into long-lasting relationships requires the right strategies and the right digital loyalty techniques. 

Here are some strategies for retailers looking to build customer loyalty: 

Offer multiple channels of communication 

Digital receipts can act as a bridge between the offline and online worlds of any retailer. 

This can allow customers to be guided towards a retailer’s social media pages and website, providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

By giving customers a range of options to get in touch, it’s easier for them to leave comments, feedback and ask questions about a product or service. If it’s easy for customers to get in touch with the brand, it’ll improve the brand experience for them. 

Provide personalised discounts 

A study by Oracle has shown that customers don’t mind trading their personal information such as their email address if it means receiving personalised content. 

Once a customer has bought in-store, retailers can offer digital receipts to customers to continue the buyer journey. Digital receipts can provide personalised discounts and experiences via email. 

Feeding in-store data to a centralised CRM can make this process seamless, as it not only provides a post-purchase experience but also encourages customers to return. This process can also result in word of mouth with a customer’s family or friends, maximising the benefits a brand can get out of one customer. 

Invite customers to exclusive events

Digital receipts can also give retailers an idea of how customers engage with the brand post-purchase. Information from customers can be used to personalise engagement programs such as exclusive events. 

Store events give retailers the opportunity to build relationships with existing customers. For example, customers may want to ask further questions about a retailer’s loyalty program, and how they can truly benefit from it. 

Develop a customer loyalty program 

Through digital receipts, retailers can offer a personalised customer loyalty program. 

Retailers can encourage new customers to revisit a store again, offering them an exclusive gift or discount they can work towards. 

For example, many retailers use a point system in their strategy for customers to earn points whenever they make a purchase. This means they can use these points as credit towards their next purchase. 

Get advice on customer loyalty today 

Unlock the power of in-store data with eyos. Our software is used by retailers all over the world, to build customer loyalty using digital receipts. 

Digital receipts make it possible to connect 100% of in-store transactions to a platform of your choice. And that means huge amounts of valuable data at your fingertips – ready and waiting to be put to great use in your next marketing campaign. 

If you’d like to find out more about digital receipts and how they work, get in touch with our team. 

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