How Digital Receipts Improve the Customer Retail Experience


Written By: eyos Marketing | Last Updated: September 2022

A receipt can often be left ignored or even thrown away when a product or service is purchased. 

However, digital receipts offer a far more valuable mode of communication, allowing businesses to stay in touch with the customer long after they’ve left the store. They are also a great way for businesses to reduce the environmental cost of paper

The majority of consumers now want retailers to use digital receipts. They can offer many benefits and allow the relationship with customers to grow and improve the overall retail experience. 

Table of Contents

  1. How do digital receipts improve customer experience
  2. Improved convenience and efficiency
  3. More loyalty options
  4. Emails are collected
  5. Easier returns
  6. Simplified customer feedback
  7. Cross-selling vs upselling
  8. Can digital receipts offer results for retailers?

How do digital receipts improve customer experience?

Digital receipts can offer a number of benefits for businesses, improving their retail strategies and even becoming more profitable. 

Improved convenience and efficiency 

Today, customers expect ease when they purchase your products. This can be done by giving customers options on how to purchase products. 

For example: 

  • Buy online.
  • Pick up in-store. 
  • Click and collect. 
  • Home delivery. 

This is the same with digital receipts. Businesses can offer both paper and digital receipts.  Digital receipts offer less clutter, and for businesses, a chance to save money on ink charges. 

More loyalty options

Digital receipts can offer a range of loyalty opportunities for customers. 

They can offer personalised product preferences and instant offers. Offer customers similar products to what they’ve previously purchased. That way, they won’t get discouraged by irrelevant offers that aren’t suitable for them. 

By offering the right products, businesses can build long-lasting relationships and loyalty over time. 

Emails are collected 

For consumers to benefit from digital receipts, their email address needs to be collected. Once the email is collected, marketing strategies can begin. 

Businesses can use emails to send customers personalised information and offers based on their purchase history. 

As 17% of marketing budgets are dedicated to emails, using digital receipts could really improve customer experience. 

Easier returns

With digital receipts, information about purchases is offered instantly to businesses. 

As long as customers have access to their email accounts, they can retrieve their digital receipts quickly and without any hassle. 

They can also alleviate any stress for customers who’ve purchased for an in-store location. Digital receipts allow customers to go to any store to return their purchases, making the experience even easier. 

Simplified customer feedback

Customer feedback is critical for businesses and how they can improve their customer experiences.

This feedback can also see how staff and stores perform with their customers. Feedback can be used to spot consumer trends and whether shoppers would return to a particular store for repeated purchases.

Cross-selling vs upselling

After a customer has made a purchase, the point of sale hasn’t ended there. 

There is a great opportunity for businesses to use digital receipts to benefit from practices such as cross-selling and upselling. 

Relevance is key for retailers when recommending products. It should always be related to the product that was originally purchased.

For example, if a customer purchased a pair of trainers in-store, a retailer could use a digital receipt to send an email recommending additional products. Using cross-selling, the retailer could suggest an additional product such as a pair of socks to complement the trainers. 

However, by upselling, a digital receipt could instead, suggest a better version of the same product. 

Can digital receipts offer results for retailers?

Digital receipts can offer particularly good results for small businesses and are seen incredibly quickly. 

Digital receipts offer a convenient insight into a customer’s buying behaviour. They can enhance businesses: 

  • Brand image and personalise its customer experience. 
  • Communication, long after a customer has left the store. 
  • Relationships with their customers. 

Digital receipts can also extend the customer journey, allowing businesses to stay in touch with their customers.

Even after a purchase is made, a business can continue to offer related products or services that are similar. This can make sure every sale is as profitable as possible.

Get advice on digital receipts today

Unlock the power of customer experience with eyos. Our software is used by retailers all over the world, to measure how customer retail experience can be improved using digital receipts. 

Our retail receipt software makes it possible to connect 100% of in-store transactions to a platform of your choice. This means huge amounts of valuable data are at the click of a button – ready and waiting to be put to great use in your next marketing campaign. 

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