How Can Businesses Improve Their Net Promoter Score? 


Written By: eyos Marketing | Last Updated: January 2023

Ensuring the best customer experience is now one of the biggest aims all businesses are striving to achieve. However, businesses must be able to attain this at every stage of the buyer journey. 

When a business sells a product or service, they need to ensure customer satisfaction is high in order to develop not a good relationship but also to develop credibility as a brand. To do this, they must also gather important insights about their brand loyalty. 

Luckily, businesses can now understand how to improve their brand loyalty and customer satisfaction rates with a tool such as the Net Promoter Score. 

Let’s dive in and explore how to improve net promoter score. 

What is a Net Promoter Score? 

Net Promoter Score is a market research tool for businesses to ask their customers how likely they would be to recommend the company, product or service to their friends or family. 

Net Promoter Score uses single survey questions and allows respondents to choose from -100 to 100 on their willingness to recommend a product or service. 

NPS is a key factor in determining how a business’s products are perceived in the marketplace and whether they have a loyal customer base. 

According to Lumoa, an NPS increase of 7% can equal a 1% growth of revenue for businesses.

What is a good net promoter score?

An NPS above 0 is considered good. However, we can determine how loyal customers are with the following scores: 

  • Above 0 = good 
  • Above 20 = favourable 
  • Above 50 = excellent 
  • Above 80 = world-class

How to improve NPS?

Improving NPS score is essential for businesses that want to convert their customers into serious brand promoters. 

Let’s see the ways to improve nps. 

Ensure superior customer experience

Promoting the best customer experience can allow businesses to keep customers happy, and more importantly, keep them coming back for more.

Businesses can action goals from the insights they gather from using NPS and understand their customer’s needs and wants. 

From the insights gathered, businesses can develop their customer personas and advance in becoming truly customer-centric.

Deliver consistent support 

Whether or not businesses have a great product or service, customer support needs to be superior to improve NPS.

Introducing chatbot tools can allow businesses to reduce wait times and handle simple customer requests more efficiently. They can provide instant responses and allow human agents to answer more complex queries from other customers that are waiting. 

Chatbots can assist with live chat, addressing customers in real time, improving customer support instantly, and ensuring they leave satisfied.

Improve customer feedback 

For businesses, simply accepting feedback is not enough. Feedback needs to be analysed and critiqued to ensure customers are receiving the best experience. 

Customers want to know if their feedback is read and more importantly valuable to a business. With NPS, businesses can divide customers into three categories: 

  • Promoters: with scores between 0 and 6
  • Passives: with scores between 0 and 8
  • Detractors: with a score of 9 or 10

These three categories give businesses a transparent view of how likely customers are to recommend their products or services.

Create tailor-made strategies for customers

NPS can help create tailor-made strategies to use for each segment in the business such as: 

  • Revenue 
  • Products 
  • Services 
  • Customer personas 

Encouraging customers to be an advocate for the business can quickly boost customer referrals and make customers feel unique. Being a promoter for the business can also unlock the right incentives for customers, improving their overall experience.

Enhance products and services further 

Businesses also need to ensure they are consistently developing or improving their products or services to keep up with customers’ demands.

If the NPS is high, this is an indication that customers are happy with the business, and more likely to return.

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