Can Digital Receipts Improve the Customer Onboarding Process?

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Written By: eyos Marketing | Last Updated: December 2022

First impressions count. And that’s why the onboarding process is arguably the most important part of the customer experience. 

Customer onboarding processes vary significantly from brand to brand, but the best examples of onboarding processes champion ease, speed and personalisation to make new customers feel valued from day one. 

There are many ways to improve the customer onboarding process, from streamlining sign-ups to introducing interactions that are tailor-made for each and every buyer. 

But there’s also another fast, affordable and relatively simple way of optimising the onboarding process, and that’s by making the switch to digital receipts. 

Digital receipts offer endless ways to enhance the customer onboarding process, and they’re ideally suited to brands in a multitude of different industries. Read on to learn more about how digital receipts could improve the customer onboarding process for your company. 

What is the customer onboarding process? 

The customer onboarding process refers to any processes that customers are taken through when they first purchase or sign up for, a product or service being sold. 

Typically, these processes are designed to introduce the customer to the product they’ve bought, explaining how different features work and how customers can get the most out of their purchase. 

Some customer onboarding processes go into huge amounts of detail. Often they’ll come complete with tutorials and training, along with answers to commonly asked questions to help guide customers through all the steps they need to take.

Ideally, an onboarding customer process should equip every buyer with the tools and information they need to set up, use and enjoy their new purchase. 

How can the customer onboarding process be improved with digital receipts? 

Digital receipts are a key example of how brands are optimising customer onboarding processes. Today’s top brands face fierce competition from numerous similar companies, so it’s crucial that they stand out from the crowd. 

Businesses are now using customer onboarding as an opportunity to do just that. By enhancing the onboarding process, companies can ensure that their experience doesn’t disappoint – right from the start. 

Using digital receipts to optimise customer onboarding processes

The following examples demonstrate how digital receipts can be used to maximise the potential of the onboarding process. Take a look at some of the ways that your business could benefit from the use of digital receipts at this pivotal moment in the customer journey. 

Explore new personalisation opportunities 

Digital receipts allow brands to capture information about their customers that they might never have gathered otherwise. 

Data gathered via digital receipts can be stored and made accessible through other customer management software. 

It’s then ready to be used in any automated customer onboarding process, to personalise interactions and give new customers the information that’s relevant to them. 

Open conversations with online and offline purchasers 

Brands have long been able to start conversations with those who buy online, but doing so with offline purchasers has always been far more difficult. 

Digital receipts allow companies to convert offline customers and connect with them in the same way as they would have if they made a purchase online. 

This means that brands can quickly start any required onboarding processes in the hours after an offline purchase is made, impressing new customers from the beginning of their journey. 

Introduce upgrades and follow-up purchases 

Digital receipts enable companies to store information on customers’ previous purchases and interest automatically. Such information is invaluable when it comes to optimising any onboarding processes. 

The more brands know about their customers, the better their onboarding processes can be. As customers are onboarded, brands using digital receipts have the opportunity to introduce them to upgrades and other products that are likely to be of interest. 

Learn from customer data 

Data couldn’t be more important in improving the onboarding process. Companies that aren’t yet using data on their customers will always be in the dark as to what they really want and need. 

Those making full use of available information, on the other hand, will be far better equipped to go the extra mile for their customers. 

Digital receipts provide brands with a wealth of data capture opportunities, and they significantly improve customer visibility through the introduction of a live connection to any existing CRM systems. 

So there’s huge potential to upgrade the onboarding process, from the moment customers sign up to the first time they use a new product. 

Get advice on customer onboarding today

In-store data can now be connected with digital receipts software​, providing unparalleled opportunities for companies to enhance the customer experience they offer. 

Retailers worldwide are now using eyos retail software to identify in-store customers and connect 100% of in-store transactions to any platform they use in real-time. 

Doing so allows brands to maximise the potential of processes like customer onboarding and dramatically improve their overall customer experience. 

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